Collingwood Terrace

Collingwood Terrace was built in 1733 as a result of a bequest from the estate of William  Collingwood of York. Although resident in York, the Collingwood family often stayed at Parkinson’s Farm and William was baptised at Low Bentham Church on 25th December 1693.  The family must have had a close attachment to Bentham because when William died at an early age he left a substantial fortune, part of which was devoted the construction of 12 alms houses and a school.  The houses had two rooms but by the end of the nineteenth century were ready for refurbishment.  This was achieved with capital accrued by the charity together with a gift of £500 from a Mrs Titterington. Under the chairmanship of Dr Clive Story the dwellings were substantially remodelled in 1998/9 and were officially opened by Sir Marcus Worsley, Lord Lieutenant of North Yorkshire on 9th September 1999.  A plaque on the gable end of the terrace records these events for posterity.